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Residential and employment statuses – What do they mean?

Monday 3rd July 2023

A residential and employment status determines where you can work and live. There are 4 categories as detailed below:

Type of residential or employment    status Definition​ ​Housing ​Work
Entitled​ Someone who has lived in Jersey for 10 years. See more details  below Can buy, sell or lease any property​ Can work anywhere and doesn’t need permission to be employed​
Licensed​ Someone who’s considered an essential employee Can buy, sell or lease any property, apart from first time buyer restricted or social rented housing, in their own name if they keep their Licensed status Employer needs permission to employ a Licensed person​
Entitled for


Someone who has lived in Jersey for 5 consecutive years  immediately before the date the card is issued, or is married to, or  in a civil partnership or enduring relationship with, someone who  is Entitled, Licensed, or Entitled for work

Can buy property jointly with an Entitled or Licensed spouse or civil partner. Can lease Registered property as a main place of residence

​Can work anywhere and doesn’t need permission to be employed
Registered​ ​Someone who does not qualify under the other categories

Can lease Registered property as a main place of residence​

Employer needs permission​ to employ a Registered person​


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